The Housing Sector: In search of property owners

The current state of the housing sector in Ukraine is unsatisfactory not only to its residents, who perpetually struggle with sub-par living conditions. The Ukrainian government, in fact, shares a considerable grievance in the inadequate accommodation standards of Ukraine, as the significant subsidies it regularly pays into the sector seem to be in vain.

The improvements needed to satisfy basic living standards are most often substituted (suto) with either superfluous technical modernization or narrow-minded increases in tariffs which should, (for all intents and purposes), both cover the cost of services as well as create opportunities for renovation and investment. However, in order to bring about the successful realization of the above-mentioned technical modernization and practical economic tariffs, a fundamental reform of the “rules of the game” is absolutely necessary; that is, a fundamental reform in the institutional structure of the housing sector. A central theme in this reform will undoubtedly become the question of property rights in the country.

Please, read our report “Housing sector: looking for owners” (in Ukrainian).