The Size of the State: The Size of the State: every third employee works for the state

Since Ukraine became independent, the roles of the state and budget in our lives have significantly decreased. Numerous success stories in the private sector emerged, many enterprises were privatized and even in the sphere of social services private initiative is getting a leading role. It might seem to be enough for now, since the state is nevertheless poor, week and incapable. However, it is only on the first sight.

The size of the state is still excessive. And this is not only because state expenditures make up 47.8% of GDP, which is one of the highest rates in the world. It is also characterized by employment if the government sector, state enterprises and all the diversity of the social security. In the situations where the state is excessive, there are no favorable conditions for emergence of Silicon Valleys, start-ups, growth of business activity and creation of new work places.

To demonstrate the impact of the role of the state in our lives we have prepared the first infographic in the series “The Size of the State”

We appologize, this infographic is available only in Ukrainian