On civil servants in Ukraine

A new law on civil service should be negotiated and adopted in the first quarter of 2015. Producing a high quality piece of legislation requires, in the first place, a careful review of the existing civil service system. The report “On Civil Servants in Ukraine” provides readers with essential relevant information.

We strongly believe that public administration reform in Ukraine should be designed and implemented by the government jointly with the public. Ukrainians would benefit immensely from such a reform. Some of the benefits include money-saving, better public administration, decrease in corruption etc. That is why the public should be in control.

However, Ukrainians know very little about civil servants. For this reason, we have decided to provide information about the difference between public sector employees and civil servants; the civil service hiring process; the hierarchy of position titles within government agencies; the civil servants’ monetary and non-monetary rewards etc.

Read the report “On Civil Servants in Ukraine” (Ukr.) in full.

Iuliia Shybalkina