Business Council

Igor Mazepa

General Director of Concorde Capital

Receiving his economic and legal education from Kyiv National Economic University, in 1997 he began his career as an investment banker at Prospect Investments, an investment company. From 2000-2002, Igor held the post of Executive Director at Foyil Securities New Europe. In 2008 he was elected to serve as the Head of the Stock and Exchange Board at Ukrainian Exchange. In 2014, he was appointed to a member of Ukreksimbank's Supervisory Board and, from July to September of 2014, he served as a member of Alfa-Bank's Supervisory Board as well. Ranked as the best stock market manager in Ukraine according to the local publication 'Ekonomika', he has also been called a leading Stock Market Personalities in Ukraine in rankings put out by the Ukrainian entrepreneurial publication 'Business'.

Chair of the Board

What is the Business Council?
The Business Council is a consultative body, which is responsible for building effective communication between the business community and the Price of the State project’s members.

Why have we created the Business Council?
Through the Business Council we hope to expand the role of business in shaping Ukraine’s future. Today, this role cannot be confined to simply helping those in need. Business (side-by-side with the civil society) will be able to provide society with much more. The active role of business is key to ensuring sustainable economic development, a level playing field and equal opportunities, and the dismantling of politicians’ monopoly on decision-making in the country.

How is the Business Council structured?
All decisions taken by the Business Council (defining what areas are to be worked on, spending, accepting new members, etc.) will be made by the Board. Board members are elected by an open vote of the Business Council. To become a member of the Business Council, individuals must pay a membership fee and enlist the support of the Board.

How does the Business Council function?
The Business Council will regularly select issues that are important to the business community to conduct research on. The Price of State will then analyze and investigate the chosen topics, draws its own independent conclusions and recommendations and, subsequently, carry out advocacy campaigns based on the results of its research. The Business Council has no right to influence the work prepared by The Price of the State. The ultimate goal is to improve the quality of public policy (e.g. reduce the expense to taxpayers for maintaining the state) and, consequently, the business climate and standard of living in Ukraine.

What are the values that underlie our mutual cooperation?
Both parties have agreed that the most important aspects of our cooperation is maintaining our impartiality and independence, sticking to a set of clear rules and common sense, as well as uphold the principles of transparency and accountability. We are not and will not be engaged in lobbying, nor will we provide biased information or entertain defending any set of preferences, privileges or monopolies at any time.

How can you join the Business Council?
Please contact Mykola Malukha, Coordinator of the Business Council, at 0669235389, 0675432478 or

Members of the Board